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Make call of duty fun again! We are back to provide our A+ service in yet another Call of Duty game. Our goal is to remove all the grind work associated with call of duty. Now you can actually enjoy your game with Master Prestige, all Diamond Camos, and a Combat Record that will make even the best players jealous. Take a look around our website and get ready to maximize your Call of Duty experience.
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Summer Update! Thanks for all the support guys. Don't spend your entire summer grinding call of duty! We'll do all the work for you - just download the registration form above to get started.

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July 8
Release Notes
Yellow Rose

Release notes for the current version of our Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack
No modifications need to be made to your system's hardware.

Select Prestige 1-10
Select Master Prestige
Select Level 1-50
Add Unlock Tokens
Add Permanent Unlock Tokens
Gold & Diamond Camo
*NEW - DLC Camos Free
*NEW - DLC Class Sets Free

The above options are safe to use in online mode on any system. The options below however should be used with caution. When you modify your visible stats it will appear on the leaderboards and combat record.

More Tools:
Add Overall Kills
Remove Overall Deaths
Add Kills (playlist)
Remove Deaths (playlist)
Add Objectives (Captures, Defends, etc) (playlist)
Change Score Per Minute (SPM) Overall
Change Score Per Minute (SPM) (playlist)
Change Kills on Specific Guns (combat record)
Change Head Shots (combat record)

More information will be released as it becomes available.

If you have any issues contact us at

March 24

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